Valladolid, capital city of Castilla and León, has received more than 250.000 visitors during the San Lorenzo Popular Holidays. These Holidays are specially known thanks to the prestigious concerts that take place in the Main Square, with shows of different artists with international recognition, like Franz Ferdinand, Gloria Gaynor or Dorian.

The Valladolid Main Square is the location where visitors can enjoy the different concerts. Ikey Goup, through its company Comunitac, is in charge of the sponsorship management for these concerts.

Sponsorship is a great strategy and opportunity for brands to create an emotional relationship with their targets. In addition, brands can achieve benefits related with brand image, public relations and media impact.

The Main Square’s capacity is about 27.000 people. The stage screen, the two towers with advertising canvases (40m2) located on the sides of the stage and the two large format screens allow an amazing visibility of the different brands and sponsors. In addition, it is possible to perform special actions in the VIP area.


CivitatisPLazaMayorValladolidComunitac  CivitatisVLLsponsorComunitac

Civitatis, as main sponsor of the concerts, had an important digital presence in Valladolid during the San Lorenzo Popular Holidays, thanks to the videos projected on the large format screens and the logos that appeared on the advertising canvases, in addition to the special actions performed during the concerts (balloons, video projections in five screens around the city etc).

Civitatis sponsor PLazaMayor Valladolid por Comunitac 

For its part, D.O Ribera was represented on the stage with its logo. As special action, a wine bar was placed in the VIP zone. In addition, international artists like Gloria Glaynor, Ana Belén, Fran Ferdinand and Maldita Nerea received D.O Ribera wine bottles (limited edition), with personalized labels.


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