Communication technology as a tool for business

Our group of companies has always been pioneer for using communication technology to improve purposes of companies.

In 2003 we created a network of tactile kiosks of information in the Universities of Madrid and the Basque Country. We were also the first company to manage the digital signage (informative and advertising contents) on the outside screen of San Mamés Stadium; first to install a digital signage LED screen in Plaza Moyua, the best location in Bilbao; first to manage the digital contents on the screens of Euskalduna Palace, the Arriaga Theater or Zubiarte Shopping Center.

In the light of the above and with so great deal of experience, we are able to understand and analyze your needs and to propose, develop and implement the most efficient technological solutions to meet your communication objectives.

Our areas of expertise are the DIGITAL SIGNAGE (broadcast of digital content through screens, totems, etc. located inside buildings or outdoors), development of touch solutions, corporate TV channels, creation of web pages on templates ( site building); management of social networks and multi-device; or technological coordination for EVENTS, among others.



Head office

Gran Vía, 81 - 5th floor Dept. 6
48011 Bilbao
Tel.: +34 94 402 01 10



Madrid office

O’Donnell, 4 - 1st floor. Dept. 6

28009 Madrid
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Barcelona Office

Rosselló, 186 - 6th floor Dept. 6
08008 Barcelona
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Lima Office

Mariano de los Santos, 183.O
San Isidro - Lima - Peru
Tel.: + 51 442-3166